Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goals vs Achievements

What  exactly  does  it  mean  to  set a  goal  of  first  place yet  your  achievement  is  less  than  expected. It  means  i  did  everything  in  my  power  to  be  the  very  best  i  possibly  can. Training 100% diet 100%  Posing100%  and  also  going  above  and  beyond  to  reinvent  my  look in order to make this fresh  new and  better  experience for  me 100%, check!
Now  to  address  the  second  part  of  the  statement  "less than expected". No  doubt  about  it,  its tough! but  you  have  to  be  tough  in   ths sport,  tough  mentally  and  know  that   placing  is  an  external  force that  doesn't  define  my  determination  or my  effort. It  is  just  that  external.  My  internal  self  is   as strong  and  healthy  as  my  muscles  are. I  will  come  back  for  more. i  will  continue  to  defy  external rules  about  aging. i  will  forever  reinvent  and  rejuvenate  my  internal  and  external  self . i  am an athlete  and a  competitor  thru and thru!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now you can listen to what i have to say!

I  will  be  sharing  via  Lifestyle of "hollyBfit"  some  of  my  personal  views,  insights  and  experiences about  health,  fitness,  beauty,  love &  happiness.
in  the  meantime  take  good  care  and  share!!